The Top Free Festivals to visit in the UK

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The UK holds some of the best festivals around the world. You’ve probably heard some of the biggest events including the Glastonbury and Reading music festival. Although they are a great festival, you may find that it can be expensive to go to these festivals especially when adding up everything you need to get there including the tickets, travelling expenses, camping gears and foods. So if you are on a budget and still want to see a decent festival, it’s worth trying out some of the free festivals that the UK has to offer. We’ve listed some of them below.

London’s West End Live

The Westminster Council partnered with the Society of London Theatre to create this great festival that allows the group of London’s West End to show off their talents in front of large crowds. The London theatre group are diversely talented and is known to provide some of the best shows around the city.

Stockton International Riverside Festival

Stockton welcomes international world class singers to perform live at the festival. You will find a variety of shows and activities to do including circus acts, dance, street performances, food stalls and so much more. The festival is on for four days straight with free entrance!

Peterborough’s Willow Festivals

The willow festival showcases up to 100+ groups and singers that perform different genres from R&B, Indie, Jazz, Rock and Blues. The acts are mainly groups and artists who are UN-signed. It’s a great way to discover new artist and bands that you’ve not heard of before. The festivals last up to three days.

Liverpool’s International Music Festivals

The Liverpool music festival was created to replace the legendary Matthew Street Festival that has hosted some great live music for the past years. The new festival is said to be hosting a variety of live music from local bands, orchestra and the Beatles acts.

Top Festivals to visit in India

India is known to host a broad range of religious festivals that are filled with songs, prayers, parades, activities and colours. You will find festivals that celebrate different events and religion from Hinduism to Christianity. So if you’re looking to experience their festivals for the first time, we recommend some of their best traditional festivals below.


Diwali is one of their most famous festivals, and it is also called the festivals of lights. The festival celebrates their legendary God called Lord Rama. The celebration lasts for five days in which they observe in different names including Diwali, Govardan Puja, Bhai Duj or Choti Diwali.

Ooty Summer Festivals

The Ooty festival is celebrated in the Botanical Garden during the month of May. You will find live music, flower shows, activities, fairs, traditional arts and sports activities to keep you entertained throughout the day.


Onam is one of the longest festivals that can last up to ten days. They celebrate their new year with plenty of foods, new clothes, visiting temples and showcasing some of their traditional dances. They also have a boat event that involves rowing of boats with some background drums music.

Ramzan Eid

The Ramzan Eid is a celebration for ending a fasting season. The event usually occurs after a new moon is seen after the month of fasting. It is celebrated by the Muslims in which they will visit a mosque anywhere around the world and celebrate the event.


Holi stands for the festivals of colours. It represents the victory of good and bad through celebrating colours. Holi is celebrated all around India every March when the full moon is shining. The fun part about this festival is you get to smear each other’s face with a paint of colours in which they call it as ‘Abir’.

2017 Jersey Festival Artist Line Up

two door cinema club

The 2017 Jersey Festival is expected to be one of the biggest festival events on the Island. With new artist and bands on set, you’ll sure be able to enjoy your the live music on the day. This year lineup starts from the famous Two Door Cinema Club, Happy Mondays, Pendulum and much more. There’s a wide variety of music genre including rock, hip hop, rap, indie electronic and more.

Two Door Cinema Club

The Two Door Cinema Club is known for their music style of indie rock. The band started up in 2007 with three members from Alex Trimble, Kevin Baird and Sam Halliday. They are an Irish band, but their songs are most popular in the USA and UK. They have performed in some of the biggest festivals in the UK including the Reading Festival. Their music career has also been continuously improving since 2010. Furthermore, the band was selected he best Irish Album of the year back in 2010. By 2012, they became the second best album in the UK. The most recent album was published last year in 2016 which includes the song ‘Bad Decisions’ and ‘Are We Ready’.

Happy Mondays

The band was formed back in the 80s in Greater Manchester with five members but have later on added two new members to the group. Playing the theme of English alternative rock, they eventually became very successful during the late 80s and 90s. In 1990 they had sold more than 350,000 copies of their album called Pills ‘n’ Thrills’ and have since continued to influence many other bands during the era.


If you’re into metal music, then you are in for a treat! Pendulum is a six man band that produces a unique mix of metal with DnB. They don’t normally just stick to one genre as their style has been influenced by a wide range of music type but adding their love for heavy metal into the mix. The band is expecting to wow their audience with their intense music bass.