Festival Fashion Trends for 2016

Festival Fashion Trends for 2016

How do you strike a balance between practical and fashionable? This question is always tricky to answer, and when it comes to music festival fashion, it’s almost impossible. You never really know what weather or conditions you’re going to have to endure for hours on end, but you need to try and make yourself as comfortable as possible for the duration while still looking stylish – after all, you’re likely to be seen by thousands of people. Luckily we have a few suggestions for getting that balance right.


Lightweight layers are a great solution for unpredictable weather, especially for festivals like Jersey Live which is a little after the peak of summer – you never know when it might turn colder. The beauty of having a few thin layers is you can adapt your outfit easily to control your temperature – if you’re lucky enough for the sun to come out, just tie one round your waist. A scarf can keep your warm or be used to wrap your hair up safely if it doesn’t stand up to the weather (or lack of showering).

Festival clothing


Never rely on sunny weather at a festival. If you don’t take a jacket of any kind in fear of the heat in the crowds, you’re pretty much guaranteed to suffer through a cold, wet weekend. Invest in a practical mac that can fold up to fit in your bag when you don’t need it. This minimises the hassle of carrying round an extra layer, and maximises your defences against the British weather.


Don’t even waste your time taking flip flops or similar footwear to a festival, because they’re likely to disappear quickly, and even if they don’t they’ll definitely be uncomfortable after a while. Anything less durable than a pair of Converse is probably a poor choice, and instead you might want to opt for some tough wellies or boots.

Festival Wellies

Designer gear

We recommend ditching the fancy labels and high-end outfits entirely. A festival is meant to be somewhere you can relax and enjoy yourself. It would be great if you could look amazingly chic throughout the whole experience, but the fact is, it’s highly unlikely. Fancy clothes are probably going to make it even more difficult, since you’ll be more concerned with protecting them from rain, mud, food, drinks and other people (the worst of all) than actually having fun. Dress down and keep it casual to maximise your experience!

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