Bringing Your Camper Van to Jersey

Looking to travel to the Jersey Live festival and see as much as you can of the island while you’re here? Camping is a fantastic option, but for many people an even better idea is to bring your own camper van with you. They’re a little retro, but well worth it for trips like this, packing all the practical essentials into one cool package. If you opt for a camper van conversion to personalise your motorhome or build it from scratch, you can pack even more awesome features in and squeeze even more value out of your trip. But what are our top tips for planning your camper van holiday to Jersey?

Jersey live festival

Consider the cost

In many cases, a camper van will work out really cheap, especially for a group of people travelling and camping together. With travel and accommodation all rolled into one for the entire duration, you can forget paying for buses, camp sites and other costs. Just make sure you work everything out roughly in advance, so there are no surprise expenses.

Invest in the essentials

Your camper, motorhome or converted van may be a little rough around the edges, which is fine, but some important features can save a lot of hassle and money. A fitted gas hob (not just a basic camping stove) and a fridge will make it so much easier to store food that you should be able to cater for yourself much better. A shower and toilet might be an option, too, but consider the potential consequences of not looking after it properly!Continue Reading

Camping at Jersey Live Festival

After 10 years of the festival being held on the island, Jersey Live was finally granted a camping licence in 2013 and ever since has grown even further into a full-blown music festival. Being able to offer official camping facilities close to the Royal Jersey Showground, La Route de la Trinité means visitors to the island can enjoy the full experience of camping nearby and enjoying the great entertainment on offer during the days and evenings at Jersey Live. Here are the top choices of campsites for the time of the festival (3rd-4th September 2016).

Beuvelande Camp Site

Beuvelande Camp Site

One of the island’s largest sites, this 10-acre area is the only AA five-pennant rated campsite in Jersey. It has great facilities on offer, including smart toilet block and a laundry room, as well as a restaurant and small supermarket on site. Not only that, but 50% of the pitches have an electricity supply so you can keep your phone and other devices charged for your time at the festival. There’s even a large heated pool if you get time for some swimming.

Rozel Camping Park

You’ll also find half of the pitches have electricity at Rozel Camping Park in St. Martin’s. It features similar amenities to Beuveland including multiple swimming pools and a shop stocking fresh food and drinks plus camping supplies and tools you might have forgotten to pack. The unique benefit of this site is its amazing view of the French coastline across the Channel.Continue Reading