Bringing Your Camper Van to Jersey

Bringing Your Camper Van to Jersey

Looking to travel to the Jersey Live festival and see as much as you can of the island while you’re here? Camping is a fantastic option, but for many people an even better idea is to bring your own camper van with you. They’re a little retro, but well worth it for trips like this, packing all the practical essentials into one cool package. If you opt for a camper van conversion to personalise your motorhome or build it from scratch, you can pack even more awesome features in and squeeze even more value out of your trip. But what are our top tips for planning your camper van holiday to Jersey?

Jersey live festival

Consider the cost

In many cases, a camper van will work out really cheap, especially for a group of people travelling and camping together. With travel and accommodation all rolled into one for the entire duration, you can forget paying for buses, camp sites and other costs. Just make sure you work everything out roughly in advance, so there are no surprise expenses.

Invest in the essentials

Your camper, motorhome or converted van may be a little rough around the edges, which is fine, but some important features can save a lot of hassle and money. A fitted gas hob (not just a basic camping stove) and a fridge will make it so much easier to store food that you should be able to cater for yourself much better. A shower and toilet might be an option, too, but consider the potential consequences of not looking after it properly!

Have a practice run

Going all the way to Jersey and relying on your camper van for everything, including living and sleeping in it for several days, requires you to get quite familiar with your fellow passengers, but also the vehicle itself. Camper cans are obviously a little more tricky to drive than cars, generally, and it’s probably a good idea to test it out on the road before you commit to a full camping holiday.

Choose your pitch wisely

Picking out the best place to park up and turn into your own camp site is crucial to enjoying your trip. Once you’ve chosen your site (perhaps one close to Jersey Live or one of the other main attractions in Jersey that you plan to see), think about the practicalities, including what you have on board and what you’ll need to venture out for. Fortunately, nothing should be too far away at most of the main Jersey sites, so you can focus on relaxing and enjoying your time!

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